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Psychology: Extroverts vs. Introverts

Extrovert: a person who’s interest is more in his environment and in other people than in himself; a person who is active and expressive.

  • They need friends and make them more readily than introverts
  • They tend to seek out careers that allow them to interact frequently with others
  • They make their presence known more obviously than introverts in group situations
  • They tend to be expansive in their body movements, gesture often, and dress colorfully than introverts
  • They tend to travel farther and move more often than introverts
  • They display less incline to suffer from migraines, ulcers, colitis, and certain types of heart diseases than are introverts
  • Most extroverts prefer to work late at night as opposed to early in the morning

Introvert: a shy person. a person characterized by concern with his own thoughts and feelings.

  • They prefer to be alone or in small groups and do not need or want many friends
  • They tend to seek out careers where they do not have to meet and greet in public
  • They do not seek attention in group situations
  • They tend to inhibit and restrict their body movements and gestures and to dress in a subdued (restrained, soften, controlled) fashion
  • They tend to limit their traveling and stay in one place for longer periods
  • They display greater fears and apprehensions (suspicion) than extroverts
  • They are inclined to suffer from internalizing their feelings by getting anxiety-related diseases such as migraines, ulcers, colitis, and certain heart disease
  • Most introverts prefer to work early in the morning as opposed to late at night

SOURCE: "Handwriting Analysis; Putting It To Work For" By Andrea McNicole

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